Classic Radiator Repair

Classic Vehicle Radiator Repair Specialist.

We test classic vehicle radiators to diagnose the radiator problem.

  • Pressure test to reveal a leak or leaks

  • Flow test to confirm a choked core

  • Visual checks provide further information

Based on the test results, the following options are considered for resolving radiator faults.


  • Filler neck repairs

  • Small leaks in a copper and brass core repairs

  • Top and bottom tank repairs

Recore / Rebuild:

  • Fit a new copper and brass core, which is repairable if future damage is sustained

  • Fit an upgraded core to improve efficiency

  • Fit a tinned core, where possible, which increases longevity


  • Build a new copper and brass replacement radiator, which is repairable if future damage occurs. Usually replaces an aluminium radiator, which is non-repairable.

Cost, longevity and time scale are important factors in the decision-making process.

Classic Car Radiators

Daimler DB18 Radiator

Rebuilt with a New Core

Alfa Romeo 2.6 Coupe Radiator

Rebuilt with a New Core

Classic Vehicle Radiators, Oil Coolers, Heaters and Fuel Tanks have been repaired at Newquay Radiators and Exeter Radiators since 1982


Our highly trained technicians have over 100 years experience between them and carry out each job to a high standard.  Whilst their aim is to meet customer requirements, they also provide advice on any options which could improve the performance, efficiency and longevity of the radiator, oil cooler etc.

Our workshops are located in Devon and Cornwall and many of our customers are local.  With the reliable network of couriers operating throughout the country, we also deal with customers from all over the UK.

Classic Van Radiators

Classic Truck Radiators

Classic Tractor Radiators

Classic Lorry Radiators

Classic Military Radiators

Classic Land Rover Radiators

Austin K8 Radiator

Rebuilt with a New Core and a New Filler Neck

David Brown 770 Tractor Radiator

Rebuilt with a New Core

Give us a  ring to speak with an experienced person regarding your radiator problem. In the majority of cases it will be suggested that your radiator is brought in to one of our workshops to enable our repairers to pressure test and flow test it. You can either bring the radiator in to our workshop personally, or we can arrange for a courier to pick it up on your behalf.


Sometimes a simple issue can be resolved over the phone.


Test results, along with a visual inspection, will ensure that you are given an accurate diagnosis of the problem and the various options available to resolve the issue.


Decision time, and we appreciate that time, finances and longevity are important considerations when deciding on how you would like your radiator problem to be resolved.

We're the cool radiator people who keep the South West (and beyond) moving !!

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