Coach and Bus Cooling & Heating System Repairs

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Radiators  -  Main Radiators, Auxilary Radiators, Engine Radiators and Water Intercooler Radiators

The first job is to pressure test, flow test and visually check the radiator to diagnose the problem. 

The test results will determine which of the following options are appropriate. 


  • Build a new copper and brass replacement radiator, which is repairable if future damage occurs. Usually replaces an aluminium radiator, which is non-repairable.

See our Bus Radiator Repair page and Coach Radiator Repair page for photos of coach and bus radiators our repairers have worked on

Fuel Tanks and Adblue Tanks

We test, clean out, repair and build new fuel tanks and adblue tanks for the majority of coaches and buses

Repair work on fuel tanks include:

  • Decontamination - cleaning out old solidified fuel etc. to avoid contamination of new fuel

  • Removal of debris to eliminate debris getting in to the fuel system

  • Repairing small holes to prevent fuel leaking

  • Patching larger holes

  • Making new fuel tanks using sections from the old fuel tank

  • Repairing and rebuilding fuel tanks made from most materials including stainless steel, aluminium and steel. 

See our Fuel Tank Repair page for photos of coach and bus fuel tanks our repairers have worked on


Heaters in the passenger area of a bus or coach and the cab section of a coach and bus can be tested and repaired in both of our workshops. Test results will help determine which of the following options is most appropriate in resolving the heating issue.​


  • Build a new copper and brass heater to replace an aluminium and plastic unit

See our Heaters page for photos of coach and bus heaters our repairers have worked on

Air Conditioning

We can supply the following for the majority of coaches and buses:

  • New Condensers

  • New Evaporators

  • New Compressors

  • New Switches

Oil Coolers

After testing the oil cooler, the following resolutions will be considered​


  • Custom build a replacement oil cooler

See our Oil Coolers page for photos of coach and bus oil coolers our repairers have worked on


After testing the intercooler, the following resolutions will be considered​

​Recore / Rebuild:

  • Fit a new core

See our Intercoolers page for photos of coach and bus Intercoolers our repairers have worked on

Heat Exchangers and Tube Stacks

Repairs to Heat Exchangers and Tube Stacks involve:

  1. Stripping the heat exchanger, removing the tube stack, 'o' rings and gaskets

  2. Visually checking the components

  3. Replacing with new 'o' rings and gaskets, where necessary

  4. Repairing the casing of the heat exchanger, where possible

  5. Independently testing the tube stack

  6. Rod out the tube stack, where required

  7. Re-assemble heat exchanger unit

  8. Retest

See our Heat Exchangers page for photos of coach and bus heat exchangers our repairers have worked on

Number Plates

We are Registered Number Plate Suppliers and produce a range of number plates for all types of coaches and buses.

Cost, longevity and time scale are important factors for the customer to consider before giving us the go-ahead to carry out any work.

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