Radiator - Custom Built

Marlin Sports Car (Kit Car) Radiator

New Aluminium Build

Trike Radiators

2 Custom built trike radiators made from the customers drawing. Left unpainted as per customer requirements.

We specialise in custom built radiators.

One-off designs for that specialist project, whether work based or hobby

Can be made from customer drawings

Radiator repairers have the combined knowledge and experience to discuss specific requirements 

  • Aluminium

  • Copper and Brass

Isuzu N75 Radiator

One-off copper and brass core built to replace the old aluminium core (photo on the right)

2 tube plates were joined together to achieve the correct size (photo on the left)

The copper and brass core will be more efficient due to the wider tubes.


The copper and brass radiator will also be repairable if it sustains damage in the future, making it a long-term economical option.

Austin Metro Radiator

Original core - tube plates removed

Austin Metro Radiator

We're the cool radiator people who keep the South West (and beyond) moving !!

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