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CAT 770 Off-Highway Truck (Dumper Truck)

The CAT 770 Off-Highway Truck was developed specifically for construction, mining and quarry applications.

The CAT 770 Truck dwarfs a monster truck. With a dump capacity of 25.1m3, dimensions of 8.12m (L) x 3.7m (W) x 4m (H) and net load of 40 tons, it truly is a beast of a machine. Despite its’ large size and weight, with 476 hp the truck has the capability to travel at 46 mph.

As described by Caterpillar, the CAT 770 Truck is ‘engineered for performance, designed for comfort and built to last.’ Which is where we come in…


CAT 770 Off-Highway Truck Radiator (Dumper Truck Radiator)

The CAT 770 Off-Highway Truck Radiator consists of 5 sections, and these were all brought in to our Newquay Radiators workshop for evaluation.

CAT 770 Dumper Truck Radiator Sections in Need of New Cores Cornwall 4 CAT 770 Dumper Truck Radiator Section Being Repaired Cornwall 3 CAT 770 Dumper Truck Radiator Section Being Repaired Cornwall

Our repairer tested all 5 of the sections and found them all to be badly choked. Debris was found in all of the sections and the photo shows just some of it.  

The options available, at the time, were:

  1. New radiator sections, which were only available from overseas, would mean a time-delay in getting the sections to the UK and then fitted on to the Truck, and they would prove expensive.
  2. Recore the original radiator sections, which would be a much quicker option and the most cost effective.

Down-time of all operational trucks is a crucial consideration, and choosing to acquire a new radiator from overseas would have meant the truck would have been out of action for a longer period. Recoring all 5 sections would be a much quicker option.

Cost is also an important consideration, and recoring all 5 sections would see a big percentage saving over buying new radiator sections.

The decision was made – we were given the go-ahead to recore the 5 sections.

As the radiator was from a vehicle used in harsh environments, it was agreed that tinned cores would be more beneficial to help increase the longevity of the radiator.

Our repairer rebuilt all of the 5 sections with tinned cores and we also supplied new rubber gaskets.

It can be assumed that the choked sections may have contributed to the engine failure. The radiator sections often look perfectly serviceable from the outside, however it is not until they are tested that problems are realised.


How We Can Help You

In this instance all 5 sections were choked and therefore all 5 sections were recored.

CAT 770 Dumper Truck Radiator Sections New Cores Cornwall

There is no need to replace the complete radiator system, however, if only 1 of the sections is at fault.

Testing all of the sections is important, though, as this will ensure that there are no hidden issues waiting to cause you problems in the future.

…and that is how we can help with keeping the CAT 770 Off-Highway Trucks operational.



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