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Radiator Repair

Specialists in the Repair and Rebuilding of Radiators

Our company, consisting of Newquay Radiators and Exeter Radiators, specialises in the repair and rebuilding of radiators. The radiator repairers in both of the workshops test the radiators to determine the faults. Pressure test to reveal any leaks. Flow test to confirm a choked core. Based on the test results, recommendations are made to the customer, along with a price quotation. Work only commences once the customer has agreed everything with us.

Repair Radiator

Filler neck repairs

Small leaks in a copper and brass core repairs

Top and bottom tank repairs

Rod out a core

Tube plate overhaul

Small modifications

Recore and Rebuild Radiators

Fit a new copper and brass core, which is repairable if future damage is sustained

Fit an upgraded core to improve efficiency and performance

Fit a tinned core, which increases longevity. Particularly important on radiators operating in harsh environments e.g. marine, construction etc.

Fit a tubular honeycomb core, which is generally for vintage radiators

Fit a film type core, which is generally for classic and vintage radiators

Build New Radiators

Build a new copper and brass replacement radiator, which is repairable if future damage occurs. Usually replaces an aluminium radiator, which is non-repairable.

Supply New Radiators

Where available, a radiator with an aluminium core and plastic tanks can be supplied. This sometimes works out to be a cheaper option.

Radiator Exchange Units

Some radiators are available as an exchange unit. Available for the same day collection or delivery by nationwide couriers.