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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger and Tube Stack Repair Specialist

Newquay Radiators and Exeter Radiators have been repairing Heat Exchangers and Tube Stacks since 1982.

Our highly trained technicians have over 100 years experience between them and they carry out each job to a high standard.

Whilst their aim is to meet customer requirements, they also provide advice on any options which could improve the performance, efficiency and longevity of the heat exchanger.

Time is money, and with this in mind, we aim to keep turn around time to a minimum.


Repairs involve:

  1. Strip the heat exchanger, removing the tube stack, ‘o’ rings and gaskets

  2. Visual check of the components

  3. Replace with new ‘o’ rings and gaskets, where necessary

  4. Repair the casing of the heat exchanger, where possible

  5. Tube stack tested independently

  6. Rod out tube stack, where required

  7. Re-assemble heat exchanger unit

  8. Retest

Our workshops are located in Devon and Cornwall and many of our customers are local.  

With the reliable network of couriers operating throughout the country, we also deal with customers from all over the UK.






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